Teams to be named later.

So who’s more unhappy watching Thursday Night Football? Abandoned San Diego Chargers fans, or soon to be abandoned Oakland Raiders fans?

And your reminder that the Chargers dumped Drew Brees,  who suffered a badly injured  shoulder during the last play of the 2005 season, in favor of keeping Philip Rivers.

Browns RB Kareem Hunt on finishing his 8 game suspension for two 2018 incidents – shoving and kicking a woman, plus a bar altercation; I’ve “had a lot of time to just sit and reflect and think, been able to stay on top of things, thinking before you act, and not reacting to little things and just keep your emotions to yourself. ..”
Uh, how about keeping it simple? “Don’t hit people.”

Thanks to Trump’s visit and heightened security, instead of tailgating, fans have been asked to be IN THE STADIUM two hours before kickoff.
Hope LSU fans especially remember this when they vote for Governor next weekend.


Wonder if Trump is suddenly going to all these big sporting events because he thinks he might not have much longer to go and get the best seats on our taxpayer dime?

Former FL Attorney General Pam Bondi: “Jared Kushner’s one of the smartest human beings I’ve ever met.”
Ladies and gentlemen, is there anything else that needs to be said about Florida?

USDA recalling more than 2 million pounds of chicken are being recalled because it “may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically metal.” Okay, MAGAts, it’s just science. Own the libs, demand to be able to buy that chicken.

Reports that Trump has been talking to producer and Mark Burnett about another Apprentice reality show once Donald leaves the White House.
Okay, America, can we just promise him the BIGLIEST ratings if it starts immediately?

Seriously, do any of the GOP Senators and Representatives still defending Trump think that anything in “A Warning” isn’t true?

WTF? Michael Bloomberg apparently preparing to enter the Democratic presidential primary. Because we haven’t had enough of egotistical rich men?

Rant time. Michael Bloomberg has supported Biden. But w/ Joe, 76, showing possible signs of weakness,  Mike may run in 2020. We have 4 other solid moderate candidates in race already, Klobuchar, Booker, Buttigieg & Harris. But none of them are good enough because they aren’t old white men?!!

(Bloomberg is 77.)

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