And down the stretch they came.

Has any NFL team signed Black Cat from MNF yet? He has mad moves.

An Astros fan friend of mine is attacking Monday morning QBing on AJ Hinch in game 7. And he has a point. If the Saints onside kick to start second half of the Super Bowl had been recovered by the Colts Sean Payton would have been called an idiot.
And if Madison Bumgarner had given up a 2-run home run in the bottom of the 9th to Salvador Perez in 2014, Bruce Bochy would have been pilloried for letting him go so long in game 7.
History tends to judge sports decisions purely on results.

Last night – “Fantastic being in the Great State of Kentucky last night. Vote for Matt Bevin NOW! One of Best Governors in U.S. He will never let you down!”
Tonight – Trump campaign: ‘The President just about dragged Gov. Matt Bevin across the finish line”
Has anyone told Donald that tweets are forever?

Louisiana’s election for governor is Nov 16. Maybe if Trump’s appearance (and security nightmare) at LSU-Alabama game keeps enough Tigers fans from getting in on time for game, Donald can do for Democrat John Bel Edwards what he did for Matt Bevin. 

Umagine if Hillary had just ignored requests to testify on Benghazi?



Leaving emoluments aside, does anyone really think Donny Jr. wrote a book. And does anyone really think his father read one?

Awful murders of a Mormon family with dual-citizenship in Mexico. But as Trump wants to send “an army” to help fight Mexican drug cartels wonder how he’d feel if some other country wanted to send an army to fight our US mass shooting problem?

I’m a huge Kentucky Derby fan but this might be one of the best finishes out of Louisville I can remember.

Matt Bevin says he “will not concede.” Despite Secretary of State and major networks calling the race.   To be fair, to lose in as red a state as Kentucky, we already knew Bevin had to be a serious loser a**shole.

But the real question about Kentucky…. WWTB?  Who will Trump blame?

Meanwhile Lindsey Graham says he won’t read any of the transcripts because “I think this is a bunch of B.S.” “B.S” = “Blue Sweep?”

Newt Gingrich said the deaths of Americans in Mexican cartel shootout are a ‘wake-up call.’ As opposed to the far greater number of deaths of Americans in the US in mass shootings? 


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