Time passages.

About seven years after Matt Cain’s perfect game against a last place Houston team,  Zack Greinke, the biggest name pitcher to get traded at the deadline,  makes his Astros debut, allows five runs in six innings and still gets the win. Easily. The team is that good.

(What’s most shocking, this wasn’t at Coors Field.)

On the other hand, some things don’t change,  the Marlins are still one of the worst teams in baseball.

Meanwhile, SF Giants DFA former All-Star and World Series defensive hero Joe Panik. And of all the things to be grateful to Panik for, don’t forget that in 2014 he meant SF Giants fans didn’t have to watch Dan Uggla any more.

Mariners utility player Tim Beckham, the #1 pick in 2008 draft,, has been suspended for PEDs, and of course claims “tainted supplement.”
If that 2008 draft seems familiar to SF Giants fans, it’s when at #5 they got Buster Posey.

John Lambert, 23, the founder of “Students for Trump” pleaded guilty Tuesday to running a $46,000 scam where he created a website for a fake law firm, posed as a lawyer and gave legal advice.
Wonder how long until he gets offered a job as White House Counsel?

Apparently, besides having a rape list and a hit list, among other things, the Dayton killer liked Elizabeth Warren. So now Kellyanne Conway is ‘hopping mad’ that Elizabeth Warren isn’t being blamed for that shooting.
Uh, Charles Manson liked the Beatles, do we blame them for Sharon Tate murders?

Damn. RIP Toni Morrison. Hadn’t thought about this quote in a while…. but she was right.
“In this country American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate.”

A more positive Morrison quote  “You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.

Trump has no problem singling out people for condolences or praise if they are his friends or fit his agenda. But crickets on Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison.
Because he has no idea who she was, or because Obama gave her a medal?


American Crime Story features Monica Lewinsky and her affair with Bill Clinton?!! WTF? How much would most Americans now give for a President whose biggest crime was getting a blow job?

No word on the El Paso’s killer’s arraignment or exactly where he is being held. But I’ll bet he has toothpaste.


Okay, O’Rourke isn’t close to my first choice, and until this week I couldn’t understand how he came so close to Ted Cruz. But he had a real authentic moment after El Paso killings, and is probably at his peak of popularity…
So of course Trump, on the eve of a “healing” goes after him on Twitter……


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