Monday musings.

Against SF Giants, Washington Nationals won 4-0. They scored their 4 runs as follows…

  1.  On a single when a runner was at first base.
  2.  On a balk
  3.  On a missed outfield fly ball
  4.  On a steal of home in a badly handled double steal.

Good night to be watching at home. You can still drink after the 7th inning.

Vince Carter, 42, says he will play one more season for the Atlanta Hawks then retired.
“The first time is the hardest,” said Brett Favre

Team USA men’s basketball coach Gregg Popovich before the FIBA World Cup  “We can’t fix the divisiveness in our country, but what we can do is be a great example of how people come together for a common goal and achieve it.”   #PopovichKerr2020


48% of US women say they have played video games. So by some GOP logic shouldn’t 48% of mass shooters be female?

As a travel agent I privately laughed some years ago when an admin wanted flights for their boss to Ohio, and when I asked where, responded “whatever the biggest airport is.””
Didn’t realize someday we’d have a President who didn’t know the cities either.#Dayton #Toledo #BowlingGreen

Trump tweet – “Republicans and Democrats must come together and get strong background checks.” Uh, they did.   If only Donald knew someone in the Senate who could bring the bills, already passed in the House to the Senate floor for a vote.

Stock market down over 600 points over China devaluing currency and fear of more trade wars. Who knew tariffs could be so complicated.

As Trump belatedly semi-endorses “Red-Flag laws,” your reminder that 15 states already have them- Maryland, Connecticut, California, Washington, Oregon, Florida, Vermont, Rhode Island, Delaware, Massachusetts, Illinois, New York, Colorado, Nevada, Hawaii (and DC.)
Notice any commonality?

(And two things on  Florida.  One, their law was after Pulse shooting, two, except for the Panhandle the state would be blue.)

Trump is reportedly traveling to El Paso Wednesday. How is his staff going to keep him from ad-libbing about his beloved wall?


Leaving aside the stock market, Trump’s trade war with China includes additional tariffs on footwear and clothes. But hey, we only import 73% of our shoes from China and 41% of our clothing, mostly in the lower price ranges.
Good thing for MAGAers that won’t affect them…

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