Plus ca change…

Miss the days when we could have a weekend and just get upset about Red Sox and Yankees being ESPN’s game of the week. AGAIN.

Or that MLB has to play meaningful games at the  beautiful little league stadium known as Coors Field.

Although just wondering, why do the Red Sox EVER let David Price pitch at Yankee Stadium unless absolutely necessary?

For those who love the good the bad and the ugly about sports, at this point it’s August 3, and pretty sure both the Tigers and Orioles will both be officially eliminated from the playoffs sometime in the middle of the month.

Wonder if in Vegas you can bet on who’ll be first?

Who says there’s no good news these days.  A few details about NBA schedule are leaking out,  New York fans will apparently be spared having to watch the Knicks on Christmas .

Anyone who doesn’t like politics and gun control stop reading now. Yeah, I’m REALLY pissed tonight, be warned.

Ivanka Trump tweeted today “White supremacy, like all other forms of terrorism, is an evil that must be destroyed”

So in her defense does she think because Daddy is orange he can’t be a white Supremacist?

Trump yesterday morning retweeted a post attacking London mayor Khan and saying he should step down over knife crimes. So what about a US President stepping down over mass shootings?


Following El Paso and Dayton and Gilroy,  GOP House minority leader Kevin McCarthy says video games are the problem. Right, that’s why Japan, where they play the most video games, has so many mass shootings.
Oops, never mind.
Fox News “Body armor-clad shooter in Ohio stopped ‘in under a minute’ by cops; mayor says ‘hundreds’ saved.”
I’m sure that’s very comforting to the 27 people injured and the families and friends of the 9 who are dead.
So, Trump has ordered flags in US lowered to half-staff until Aug 8 days because of El Paso and Dayton. What happens if we have ANOTHER mass shooting before then? Do they get lowered to quarter-staff or what?
Asking for a country that needs gun control now.
Okay, since Mitch McConnell is stuck at home with a fractured shoulder, maybe the two current Senators who have passed the most legislation, Amy Klobuchar and Chuck Grassley, can get together in his absence and figure out a reasonable gun control bill?
Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray the Lord my soul to keep
If there’s another mass shooting before I wake.
How little responsibility will the NRA take?
Trump says latest mass shootings means we have
a “mental illness problem.” He’s right. We have a racist sociopath with narcissistic personality disorder in the White House.
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2 Comments on “Plus ca change…”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    The Boston Red Sox and the Pittsburgh Pirates played the first World Series in 1903. And I think they should square off again now, since both are setting back the sport over 100 years

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