Turn back the clock?

Early days, but SF Giants have to be wondering, can they turn back the clock to July?

16 home runs for Hunter Pence. If only SF Giants could have gotten a player like him at the deadline…

Yeah, we all know baseball is a business. But Phillies are apparently suing design firm who helped create the Phanatic to keep their mascot from becoming a “free agent.”
Is NOTHING sacred?

After the crowd shouted “Take it down,” four people were booted from Orioles-Blue Jays games at Camden Yards when they unfurled a large “Keep America Great, Trump 2020” banner from the second deck.

WTF were they thinking, in Baltimore Trump might be the only person more likely to be booed than the Orioles.

John Ratcliffe withdrew his name from consideration for Director of National Intelligence after only 5 days. Wow. that’s only half a Scaramucci.


Fox News top headlines have to do with AOC’s chief of staff resigning amidst controversy. Gosh, somehow I’ve missed all their similar headlines with Trump administration resignations.

German customs at the port of Hamburg confiscated a record 5 tons of cocaine, valued at about $1 billion, in a shipping container which was supposed to contain soybeans. Build that seawall?

The alleged Gilroy gunman apparently killed himself after being shot several times by police. Once again, why can’t these murder-suicide assholes do it in the reverse order?

Tom Steyer railing “Corporate money’s dictating our politics.” So what’s he doing about it? Spending heaven knows how much $$$$ on Twitter that HE earned as a VC from corporations to promote his own Presidential campaign. WTF?

Swedish court said Rapper A$AP Rocky and his two co-defendants can be freed from jail until Aug. 14, when judges will announce their verdict.   Congrats to all those who had “about an hour” in the pool of “How long until Trump tweets taking credit?”

How long until Trump says he COULD have cured cancer and AIDS but the Democrats blocked him?


Is there anyone left in Trump administration who isn’t a complete a**hole? Asking for a country.

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