I think Klay Thompson is a good guy, but in an interview he just characterized his ACL injury as “obviously the most tragic part of sports.”
Uh, of those that still can, NFL players with CTE say “Hi.”

My friend Dwight Perry adds, a couple  recent boxers might disagree too, if they were still alive.  (And further to his point, a whole lot of thoroughbred horses.)

MLB has suspended eight players a total of 40 games for Reds-Pirates brawl. Not much thanks for one of the most watched parts of a Cincinnati-Pittsburgh game this summer.

It’s August 1.  Does that mean the Baltimore Orioles have been officially eliminated yet?

Broncos vs. Falcons in Hall of Fame pre-season game tonight.  And it was trending on social media. Wonder how many people who tuned in could name a player on either after the 1st quarter.

So Tomi Lahren decided to accuse Kamala Harris of sleeping her way to the top? Funny, haven’t heard her go after Kimberly Guilfoyle for at least temporarily joining the Trump clan. Or new UN Ambassador Kelly Craft for doing the same by marrying a billionaire?



Trump going to Cincinnati tonight for a rally. But really, with the Reds this summer hasn’t the city suffered enough?

(And whatever he said about overflow crowd, as of this morning according to the local Cincinnati Enquirer, there were still “Free tickets available)



Cincinnati is actually a lovely city with nice people, a world-class zoo, interesting museums and great restaurants. Now that Trump has left can we Clorox The City?

Trump spent some time at his rally today saying how awful things were in California because of Democrats. Right, that’s why the state that went solidly for Hillary then voted so many GOP congressmen out in 2018.

Trump says of new tariffs on China “They’re paying for these tariffs. We’re not.”
And to think we once knocked George H.W. Bush as being out of touch with consumers because he was unclear on the concept of a supermarket scanner.

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