He’s still here.

Double happiness for SF Giants fans at trade deadline. 1. MadBum stays 2. If, as is likely, Giants do not make World Series, at least the Dodgers and Yankees didn’t get any superstars.

After his tantrum this weekend, Trevor Bauer was traded from the Indians to the Reds.  Well, life should be easier in Cincinnati.  Heck, even on a tired arm day, he could throw a ball into center field at Great American Ballpark.

Astros starting pitching for postseason. Verlander, Greinke, Cole. #WOW

And, who could possibly beat #1 starter Justin Verlander in the postseason, well, except Pablo Sandoval.  And anyone seen Barry Zito lately.


Playing national anthem as part of a 15 minute prequel for Democratic Debate with limited time might not have been stupidest idea CNN has had all month, but it ranks in top 10.

Marianne Williamson got praise for saying that Flint water crisis wouldn’t happen where she lives in Grosse Pointe. Uh, I could stand on stage and say Flint water crisis wouldn’t happen in Palo Alto where I live either. But it doesn’t qualify me to run for President.

Give De Blasio credit.  How many people think they can be elected President when it’s not even sure they could be re-elected Mayor.

Democrats are good tonight at accusing each other of not telling the truth. Wish GOP elected officials were 1/10th as good at doing the same with Donald Trump.

Trump once again tweets positive words about Eddie Gallagher but has never mentioned the name of Stephen Romero – the six-year-old boy murdered by a White Supremacist teenager in Gilroy.

Ding ding ding. “What do we have for the winner, Johnny?”   Pete Buttigieg said GOP would call Dems “crazy socialists” no matter what they said or do. And less than 24 hours later, Trump fundraising email “The 2020 Democratic Primary has turned into a complete SOCIALIST CIRCUS.”


A church in Baltimore kicked Ben Carson off their property  when he showed up to defend Trump’s attacks.  Well that’s one less rat infesting the city..

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