Cold truth?

Raiders WR Antonio Brown has both feet injured and blistered, reportedly caused by going into a cryotherapy machine without proper footwear.
Well this ought to do wonders to dispel the “dumb jock” image.

All you need to know about SF Giants season:
Going into today,  Buster Posey had exactly as many home runs, 6, and RBIs, 33, as Geraldo Parra, who the Giants DFA’ed in May.

And now Parra has 7 home runs and 36 RBIs.

Sadly the Orioles’ Chris Davis came closer to hitting his manager than SF Giants came to getting a big hit against Nationals.

Although speaking of lousy baseball,  Marc Ragovin points out.  “The Boston Red Sox and the Pittsburgh Pirates played the first World Series in 1903. And I think they should square off again now, since both are setting back the sport over 100 years.”

Apparently some pundits are saying Clemson only won College Football National Championship because “Alabama was worn out from the grind of a more rigorous schedule.” Well, gosh, with Duke, New Mexico State and Western Carolina on 2019 schedule are the Crimson Tide planning to use that excuse again this year?


No press other than White House employees were allowed for Trump visits to hospitals in Dayton and El Paso. Maybe it’s just me but thinking if you are honestly proud of behavior you don’t hide it.

Anyone else notice that in all the pictures from Dayton,Trump is grinning like he’s attending a wedding at one of his resorts?

So did ICE raid plants in Mississippi because even Trump was too embarrassed today to raid them near El Paso?

Wonder with all the arrest pictures why we didn’t see pictures of the people who hired this immigrants in handcuffs.

As Trump leaves Dayton he tweets about his “warm & wonderful visit. Tremendous enthusiasm & even Love. “Then he goes after “failed Presidential Candidate (0%) Sherrod Brown….”
Uh Sherrod didn’t even run.
But I bet he polls better now in Ohio than you do.


Trump told police officers in El Paso the gunman is a “coward. He gave up, just gave up.” Then Donald talked about his February rally, which he hasn’t reimbursed the city for – “we could have sold it out four times.”
This is NOT a well man.

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2 Comments on “Cold truth?”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    A double dip today:

    Rosie Ruiz has died. Most people take a stairway to heaven but old Rosie will probably jump onto an escalator 3/4 of the way there

    The stadium MLB is building for the Yankees/White Sox Field of Dreams game will seat 8,000. Forget them They should schedule Marlins/Rays so both teams can quadruple their average home attendance

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