And the hits just keep on coming.

19-3 Boston over NY tonight. Did the Patriots and Jets play a pre-season game and not warn us?

Tanaka allowed 12 runs in 4 innings against the Red Sox.  6 days before the trade deadline.   And just guessing the price went up for the Yankees asking for starting pitching.


Ezekiel Elliott, who already was suspended in 2017 for domestic violence and just avoided suspension for an incident this year involving hitting a security guard, wasn’t on Cowboys plane to California for training camp, fueling rumors he might sit out for a contract extension.
Can’t imagine why people don’t root for Zeke and Dallas.

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised that some in a country that elected a reality show President are disappointed we didn’t get an “action-hero” Special Counsel performance.

Airline logic at its best. Two days ago, United advised passengers that flight 28 from Singapore to SF yesterday at 9p would be delayed 11 hours until 8a this morning, because of a delayed flight FROM SF and mandatory 48 hour pilot rest time.
Okay, at least folks had time to plan. But as they board today at 730a business class passengers are handed… a DINNER menu. Because the flight was supposed to leave at 9pm and a dinner flight is a dinner flight….

There will be a new Lifetime movie this fall – “College Admissions Scandal.” So will Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin star in it if they can get bail?

Jeffrey Epstein was found “injured,” in jail, either from a possible attack or suicide attempt?  If you used to watch “24,” remember all the times CTU had a REALLY valuable witness or prisoner who could implicate others and save the country, but unbelievable carelessness let something happen to them? 

Don’t know a lot of details about the latest mass shooter, who killed four people in the San Fernando Valley. But we do know he’s not an undocumented immigrant or Trump would already be tweeting about it.

Trump tweets that Sweden has “let our African American community down.” Of course, Donald thinks “our African American community” is Kanye West, Herman Cain, Ben Carson and Diamond and Silk.”

As Trump demands Swedish government intercede on behalf of an American visitor accused of a crime, have to wonder how Donald would feel if a Mexican musician was arrested here and Mexico’s President demanded HE be released?

Serious congratulations to anyone prescient enough to have had Sweden in Trump Insult Bingo.

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