Extra extra.

SF Giants have won 6 games in extra-innings in a 10 game span.

At this point, it’s not just worrying about the wild card, it’s worrying about employee labor law violations.

Whatever happens this season for SF Giants, don’t tell me they haven’t captured at least a little bit of voodoo magic.


Pablo Sandoval in post-game interview, after his game winning home run, said the most impressive thing he saw tonight was the fan who caught that same home run ball bare-handed with a baby in his other arm.

And some still wonder why Giants fans embrace prodigal Panda.

Orioles’ Stevie Wilkerson last night pitched the 16th inning and first position player EVER to record a save. His average velocity, 54.3 MPH. And somewhere Jamie Moyer is thinking of un-retiring.

Apparently a balcony at a South Korean nightclub collapsed on Saturday, killing two people and injuring 16, including athletes competing at the world swimming championships.   Sounds awful. But this is the ESPN headline?   Seriously?

“American athletes hurt in Korea balcony collapse.”

As Trump rants about A$AP Rocky, wonder what he’d do if a European leader attacked him about ICE locking up an American-born teenager for 22 days

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is apparently splitting from her second husband. Does that make her closer to Presidential?

President Trump tweets ‘big VICTORY’ after Supreme Court grants $2.5 billion to continue with border wall.
So how is a victory when SCOTUS says US can spent that much taxpayer money on something Mexico is paying for?

Got to love it, the stable genius is attacking Apple this morning on Twitter, from his iPhone

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