Elite company?

Kawhi Leonard today about Paul George “This is probably the first time I’m playing with someone with elite level talent.” Tim Duncan says “Hi.”

Dear SF Giants    Rebuild if you must but do not trade Madison Bumgarner.   The man is a treasure who should never wear another uniform. That is all. Thank you.

Meanwhile Steve Kerr says Anthony Davis demanding a trade from New Orleans Pelicans was “bad for the league.”   Have to wonder how he’d feel if Davis had asked to be traded to the Warriors?


jerry McGuire, the sequel?   A young boy was briefly hospitalized after taking a ride on a baggage conveyor belt at Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport for several minutes before falling off.

The carousel belonged to Spirit Airlines, wonder if they charged his mother for a ride fee?

Bill Sanderson,  59, a married and anti-LGBTQ Tennessee lawmaker resigned today for “family reasons,” just as rumors emerged alleging he was looking for college age young men.  Those GOP closets are going to be shut down by the fire marshal for overcrowding. overcrowding.cov


Evacuations and a state of emergency have been declared for the Museum Fire near Flagstaff, Arizona. Waiting for Trump to say the state should rake their cacti.

Trump tweet upon hearing conclusion of Mueller hearings: “TRUTH IS A FORCE OF NATURE!” Uh, seriously what does he know about “truth” or “nature?”

Pretty sure at this point GOP members of Congress would also use “witch hunt” to describe Watergate.

Big parties in streets of Puerto Rico after governor Ricardo Rossello resigns. So who’s with me on suggesting to Trump that he could have bigger parties, HUGE, for his own resignation?

If Mueller came out today and flat out said “Yes, if he weren’t President we would have indicted Trump,” Fox News and GOP would say it just meant former FBI director is really a Democrat.


One criticism directed by some at Mueller, 74, today is that he seemed “doddering,” and he had aged immensely in past few years. So do the same folks realize Trump will be 74 next June?

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