After midnight

If SF Giants weren’t doing this regularly after midnight, or 1am, or 2am, on the East Coast they’d be the biggest story in sports.

On trade talk. “I don’t care about that. Nobody in here cares about it . We’re trying to win games, we are winning games and that’s all that matters is us. That other stuff’s just noise.”  Madison Bumgarner.


Meanwhile in Los Angeles, they’ve announced at least $100 million renovation of Dodger Stadium this off-season.  They’re not saying how much this will affect stadium prices but reports are beer may be offered on the installment plan.


Forever 21 apparently gives free samples in online orders. And apparently some plus-sized clothing orders included Free Atkins diet bars. Forget firing whoever okayed this for body-shaming, fire them for stupidity.

The Rolling Stones are trying to eliminate single-use cups at their concerts. But really at their age, shouldn’t all drinks be served in sippy cups?

Tulsi Gabbard said in a Fox Sports Radio interview today that Kamala Harris “is not qualified to serve as commander in chief.” Some statements don’t even need a punchline.

Rand Paul and Mike Lee were the only two senators who voted today against reauthorizing the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. Well at least Lee and Paul are also campaigning tirelessly to stop Trump’s extravagant rallies and golf weekends. Oh wait. Never mind.

Can bartenders start calling Stoli and orange juice a “Donald Trump” – an Orange Russian?


Suspect has been arrested in the murder of a beautiful blonde Ole Miss student this weekend. We already know he’s a white American since Trump hasn’t tweeted about it.

After he said the country could be “wiped off the face of the earth, Afghanistan has demanded USA clarify remarks made by Donald Trump, Nice try, Americans know Trump won’t even clarify remarks he makes about the US itself.

For someone who claimed Mueller Report was “total exoneration”  Trump sure seems triggered by the Mueller Hearing.


Let’s be real. If Mueller says FBI had a signed contract and video showing Trump and Putin agreeing to fix election, Trump cult members would say it was for our own good and Hillary should still be locked up. 

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