Age is a state of mind.

ESPN started story about SF Giants game  –  “Pablo Sandoval and Brandon Crawford,  two of San Francisco’s oldest players, did not start Sunday’s game.”

Wait, how did Panda and Crawford get to be “old” players?

Hoping SF Giants didn’t throw out all those Panda hats in their Dugout Store inventory when Sandoval left in 2015. Have a feeling they might become a hot item again.

If Brooks Koepka was going to be mortal for one round CBS Sports and its advertisers probably would have preferred he did it in one of rounds 1-3


Sunday night was  both Game of Thrones and American Idol finale, plus Pete Buttigieg on Fox News. Just guessing it might have been a slow night in movie theaters.


Sorry Game of Thrones fans. Writers and actors etc already knew the ending tonight. Even with a minute left in 2nd OT, no one knew ending of Raptors Bucks
Sports IS the best reality show.

Must admit, while I’ve never watched Game of Thrones the social media battles over the ending are entertaining.

For some reason Fox News isn’t covering the Trump-Kushner Deutsche Bank money laundering story. They are, however, reporting that Britney Spears is “desperate for an iPhone.”

Have had mixed feelings about Democratic candidates appearing on Fox News. But seeing how much it p*ssed off Trump today, thinking, sure, let’s make it a habit.

Mitt Romney says he was “troubled” by “unfortunate” findings in Mueller report. Good to see someone is carrying on the courageous mantle of Jeff Flake.

Deutsche Bank money-laundering, pardoning Gallagher, a serial killer turned in by his own Seal Team colleagues…. Any of these scandals would have toppled any other Presidency. And today they barely make 24 hour news cycle.


Open note to my fellow Democrats. Go down the list of all 20 something Democratic Presidential candidates. You’ll discover, if you haven’t already, that every single one of them has done something that will probably p*ss you off.
Then get over it. We need to win in 2020. Thank you.

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