Winning state of mind

It’s all a state of mind. Maximum Security and Bodexpress both are sure they won their races.

But come on, Bodexpress runs the Preakness, finishes ahead of some horses, and then adds another lap for good measure. Where is the endorsement contract from Waymo?

At this point only way Brooks Koepka won’t win the PGA is if he veers into someone else’s lane.

So how much karma credit do we give that Trump medal for Tiger Woods missing the PGA cut?

In Casablanca, Rick reconnects with Ilsa, and puts at least a rose-colored glow on their past – “We’ll always have Paris.” And in 2019, Pablo Sandoval, prodigal Panda, reconnects and reminds SF Giants fans, “We’ll always have 2014.”


So who had Michigan Rep Justin Amash as the first GOP elected official (who isn’t retiring) to say the Emperor has no Clothes?

Uh oh.. Fox News poll..“On the Russia investigation, who do you trust more to tell the truth?”
Between Trump and Mueller, 45% said they trusted the special counsel, 27% said the president
Between Mueller and Barr, 40% said they trusted the special counsel, 22% said the attorney general,
Between congressional Democrats and the Trump administration, 44% said they trusted the Democrats, 33%, said the White House,
So what’s Fox going to do? Fire their pollster?

Why there is no satire. Donald Trump tweets out more “Right to Life” rant tweets Saturday night, at the same time he prepares to pardon war criminals who executed innocent people.

And while many people may be tired of seeing Alec Baldwin play  Donald Trump in SNL, guessing many more people are tired of seeing Donald Trump play a President in the White House.


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