What’s in a name?

Only two games into Eastern Conference NBA finals, but looking like national sportswriters are going to have to start learning how to spell Giannis Antetokounmpo.

After playing so well deep into NBA playoffs, the Toronto Raptors really looked lost Friday night. Who do they think they are, the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Tiger Woods has missed the cut in PGA Championship. So to CBS, which is televising the tournament, thoughts and prayers.



Beleaguered Nationals bullpen gave up 11 runs in the last three innings tonight in 14-6 to the Chicago Cubs.   As SF Giants fan this makes me worried Washington has extra impetus to try to trade for Pablo Sandoval. They might need the Panda to pitch.

San Jose Sharks are apparently upset because people think they got three major “lucky” calls so far in NHL playoffs.
Not perhaps as upset as the three teams those calls went against.

(Silver lining of Friday’s game 4 loss, the officials didn’t give the Sharks any game-winning calls to be defensive about.)


Anyone know who the favorite for Saturday’s Preakness is? Yeah, me neither.


RIP Grumpy Cat. But really, these days aren’t we all grumpy cat?

And Xena, age 15, thinks she can outgrumpy anyone.  grumpy2

IVF is expensive, but has a high success rate, so it’s popular with couples who can afford it. Most extra embryos though, end up donated for research or destroyed. I’m sure the GOP reason for not condemning procedure has nothing to do with rich donors. #ProLifeMyAss

New state motto – “Alabama, where sex has consequences. Unless you’re a man.”
Barry Hovis, a GOP Missouri State Rep, talked about “date rape” along with “consensual rape’ in debate before the state passed a very strict abortion bill.  Now he said he misspoke.
Translation, ‘I had no idea anyone would actually report what I said.”
Gas prices across the country have gone up about $1 a gallon in last month. I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.



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