Swept out.

Think it might have helped if someone told Portland Trail Blazers that unlike Stanley Cup Playoffs,  NBA Playoffs have four, not three, periods?

And yeah, Spurs couldn’t have beaten Warriors this year I know that. But have to think they’d have shown up regularly in the 4th quarter.

But seriously, Portland was up 17 points, again, with less than  two minutes minutes left in third quarter.  Trailblazers played Warriors in fourth quarter like other golfers USED to play Tiger Woods on Sunday.

Meanwhile, SF Giants had Game of Thrones night the day after series finale. And looked about as dead as most GOT characters.

On a brighter note, Giants might sell more tickets this weekend as Warriors fans getting their money back from any pre-purchased game 5 or 7 tickets.


Ben Roethlisberger said in radio interview he went too far in criticizing then teammate Antonio Brown last year.
Somehow I missed him saying that about the two women he (allegedly) raped.

Retired race-car driver Al Unser Jr. arrested early this am for DWI, after he allegedly was clocked in VW Beetle at 59 mph in a 45 zone. What’s more embarrassing? The DWI, or a former Indy winner driving a Beetle?


I miss the days when  Kim Kardashian picking a fight with Jack in the Box would have been crazier than any political tweet, let alone several from POTUS.

$1.00?   Less than the price of a cup of black coffee.   So even Goodwill has standards on donations?  marshalls



State TV not being obsequious enough? Trump in PA, still upset about Buttigieg town hall: “What’s going on with Fox…what’s going on there? They’re putting more Democrats on than Republicans. It’s something strange is going on at Fox, folks. Something very strange.

Wonder if Trump is just jealous of Pete Buttigieg because as President Pete would have a younger spouse than he does. (And a happier marriage.)

Investigation found Betsy DeVos to be latest Trump administration official to have used her personal email accounts for government business.
To be fair, this is one time when the “too dumb to know better” defense might apply.

Trump indicated last night on Fox News that he might soften his stance on E-Verify. Translation, even more of his hotel and resort workers are undocumented than we thought.


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