Missing sox

The White House website called them the “Red Socks.”  Then they said the team was the “World Cup Series” champions.   Then Trump said Lincoln lost the Civil War.  And half the .team decided not to attend


Watching this Red Sox  dumpster fire with White House today reminds me that perhaps there’s ONE silver lining with Saints being robbed from Super Bowl….


Well, at least there’s about zero chance that Trump White House will get a chance to misspell name of whatever NBA team wins the championship.

Weather in Denver today looked almost as cold as it used to be at Candlestick Park.

Not sure what game they play at Coors Field, but some days it bears no relation to actual baseball.



as Senator Grassley joins Senator Burr in backing the subpoena for Jr. to testify, have to wonder, how long until Donald Trump throws his own son under the bus?

Alabama Senate trying to pass one of most restrictive abortion laws in country, making it illegal as soon as fetus is “in utero.”
But to be fair, at the moment of conception, a fetus is only 14 years away from being a suitable date for Roy Moore.

Since anyone who is an accessory can also be tried for murder, and it DOES take two to conceive, shouldn’t all these restrictive new abortion laws also mean states should charge father of fetus for abortions too?

Trump says John Kerry “should be prosecuted” for violating the Logan Act for talking to Iran. Did Putin tell him to say that?

First it was Kim Jong Un, now Trump says Chinese President Xi Jinping wrote him a ‘beautiful letter.”
Does anyone think Donald has ever even written “beautiful letters’ to his wives?

Trump laughed about a rally supporter’s suggestion to shoot migrants. Like he laughs about extending his term. And that oldie-but-goodie ‘Russia, if you’re listening…..”

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2 Comments on “Missing sox”

  1. Old guy in NEPA Says:

    If your 1st 3 sentences are “the White House website called them the ‘Red Socks.’ Then they said the team was the ‘World Cup Series’ champions. Then Trump said Lincoln lost the Civil War,” shouldn’t your last sentence be “And half the team STILL DECIDED to attend”?

  2. Good point, think Trump has ever actually watched a game?

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