And the hits don’t keep on coming.

So now that they are back from road trip have SF Giants filed a lost luggage report with United Airlines for what happened to their bats?

Harden doesn’t even shake hands after game 6. Look, I get people are tired of Warriors winning, but if you wanted to script less lovable team to try to take them down…. Maybe time to start learning how to spell Giannis Antetokounmpo?
And once again, wistful for how much fun it would have been in 2017 for a full series between Warriors and the Spurs WITH Kawhi Leonard.
Uber began trading as a public company at $42 per share today, nearly 7% below its IPO price. Wait, no surge pricing?
TSA stopped a traveler with two-foot machete at security checkpoint. What’s more shocking. That someone thought they could bring the machete on a plane? Or that it was at Bradley Airport in Connecticut and not Florida?
Emigrated to the US in 1994 from a small town dairy farming family at age of 22 due to Turkish oppression of Kurds “to study English and take a few English courses.” Now a self-made billionaire who paid off Rhode Island student debts.
Hamdi Ulukaya of Chobani is the kind of refugee Trump wants to keep out of USA. Maybe he’s jealous?
As Trump rants about his wonderful tariffs, it’s a good thing none of his supporters like to buy cheap stuff made in China.
And Donald Trump also now apparently plans to hijack DC 4th of July celebration, which has historically been nonpartisan, with a rally speech plus a “second stage of entertainment” before fireworks. Has he checked to see if Ted Nugent and Kid Rock are available?


Weekend forecast in DC – rain.
So no golf.
I’m sure this means Donald Trump will take the time either for sober reflection or quiet time with his family.

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