For whom the whistle tolls.

San Jose Sharks win game 7 to advance to next round of NHL playoffs, 3-2 over Avalanche. Though Colorado did have a game-tying goal called back on a controversial offsides call.
So 2019 – the year of the officials – continues.
Can’t wait to see what NBA comes up with next.

Meanwhile, at least there isn’t likely to be any nationwide controversy over the Preakness. Because this year,  with both Maximum Security and Country House out, who’s actually going to be watching the Preakness?

ESPN notes that Duke already has a top recruit for men’s basketball in 2020, getting a commitment from “five-star point guard Jeremy Roach.”
And not like he needs to worry about competition, Roach knows the 2019 star recruits will have left for NBA by time he shows up.

So for Meghan and Harry it’s baby Archie.
Well, it beats “Jughead.”

Trump today formally asserted executive privilege over the Mueller report. This worked out so well for Nixon.

An anti-vaxx Kentucky teen who sued the school over vaccines has come down with chicken pox.  Is it wrong to hope when he’s an adult that he gets shingles?

Jim Jordan wants the public to know as much about the Mueller Report as he wanted them to know about the sexual abuse of wrestlers at Ohio State. Period.


Trump tweeting today about visiting “one of my favorite places, the Florida Panhandle.”
Not that Donald would ever go there, except that if Panhandle were (rightly) part of Alabama, Florida would be a blue state.

More from Florida rally “If we want to drive them crazy, I’ll say in 10 years they’ll go crazy,’ Trump said, joking about serving 12 years in office.”
Uh, does anyone think Trump actually ever jokes?

Trump sarcastically attacking Mayor Pete “We have a young man, Buttigieg. … He’s got a great chance, doesn’t he? He’ll be great, representing us against President Xi of China.”
Uh, considering Pete knows 8 languages and can probably learn Mandarin, he might be great.

And he’d probably p*ss off fewer other countries.

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