Putting them on the line?

Only one game into  Warriors-Rockets series, and already major controversy over foul calls and non-calls.

The NFL is going “hey, our refs were only the main story in ONE game.”

But so really,  Klay Thompson appears to have done the unthinkable with many NBA fans – made James Harden a somewhat sympathetic figure?

Sebastian Janikowski says he’s retiring from the NFL at the age of 41. “So young?” responded Adam Vinatieri.

Five minutes to go in third period and San Jose was down 3 to 1 to Colorado Avalanche.  The Sharks did end up losing – 4-3.    Moral of story, never turn Sharks games off early in the NHL Playoffs.

Yesterday White Sox Tigers game was snowed out. Today four Chicago pitchers combined to strike out 20 Detroit hitters. Maybe yesterday’s weather froze Tigers’ bats?

San Antonio Spurs had a great run this year though fans wished team had a mature and consistent leader. Which is sadly what millions of people also now wish about the USA.


Donald Trump congratulated Nick Bosa, who was drafted #2 in NFL draft by SF 49ers.   I  missed his #1 pick Kyler Murray.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s said country must not become a “gay tourism paradise” & that tourists were more than welcome to “come here and have sex with a woman.” Going to be really interesting if Pete Buttigieg ends up on Dem ticket.

At least several people murdered by gunfire today in Tennessee and in Baltimore. But to Donald Trump the only deaths that count are those he can blame on undocumented immigrants.

And was that 19-yr-old killer in Poway one of Trump’s “many fine people on both sides” until he wasn’t?

So a real question, does Donald Trump make up most of his public lies on the fly? Or does he plan them in advance holed up watching Fox News.

And why does any network still believe there’s a chance in hell of getting a truthful statement out of Kellyanne Conway?

Trump attacking Democrats while rambling on immigration “it’s just a system that Congress can fix.” Gosh, if only the GOP had a chance to be in charge of both the House and Senate for a couple years…

Your reminder that Trump had time this weekend for a tweet barrage including touting his own fake poll numbers & today congratulated a football player he’s probably never watched, but still didn’t wish his own wife “Happy Birthday.”

I have not watched and have no plans to watch Game of Thrones. But  gather a lot of people now would vote this  Arya gal for President.

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One Comment on “Putting them on the line?”

  1. Edna ferber Says:

    Not the best place for this, since you don’t watch GOT, but Arya is Bobby, and Sansa is Jack.

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