Taking a knee not a ballot?

Colin Kaepernick still hasn’t either changed his mind about not voting, or apologized for saying voting doesn’t matter.
Heck, even Caitlyn Jenner said “I’m sorry, I made a mistake.”


Cleveland Cavaliers  play  Washington Wizards on November 14.  I’ll take “Games that looked more interesting when they drew up the schedule” for $400, Alex.

Guessing Trump won’t be taking credit for the Washington Wizards.

Is it too soon to speculate how many years Jon Gruden will actually coach of his 10 year Raiders contract.


Clayton Kershaw has re-signed for 3 years with Los Angeles. Good news! For anyone who might play Dodgers in the post-season.



Maybe we’re doing this all wrong with younger generation. Maybe we should tell them we old farts don’t want them to vote, so we can saddle them with expensive problems long after we’re gone.

So what yoga pose IS most appropriate to hold a gun for self-defense? Asking for what will surely be the NRA’s narrative.

Two Kentucky students were suspended after wearing Columbine shooter costumes to school on Halloween.  Can they be arrested and charged with criminal stupidity?

And what happens when the militia or far-right crazies coming to aid Trump’s troops see brown American citizens walking in border towns?

Now Trump walking back comments about migrants with rocks -“I didn’t say shoot. But if they do that with us they’re gonna be arrested for a long time.”
But of course if they “resist” arrest, they will also be shot.


So shouldn’t Alec Baldwin punching a man he was angry at make Donald Trump actually start liking him?

While Andrew  Gillum is suspending campaigning for two days after Tallahassee mass shooting, crickets from Donald Trump. So guessing it’s pretty safe to say the killer was not an immigrant.


Michael Cohen says Trump said privately “Black people are too stupid to vote for me.”

This is a potential quandary for Donald Trump. Upset minorities by admitting the statement, or upset his base by denying it?


When your plan to win an election is to disenfranchise as many people as possible, it is a pretty safe bet your plan is not to govern on behalf of most people.

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One Comment on “Taking a knee not a ballot?”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    Is it too soon to start a pool as to when Trump will cry voter fraud when a Republican incumbent loses their seat?

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