Number Four – sure

So who had Nick Mullens in Fantasy Football this week?


Mullens did have a great night. 49ers fans can’t wait to see what he looks like against an NFL defense.


I guess the C. J. Beathard era with 49ers may be over?

Coach Jon Gruden says he gets a lot of phone calls from players who say they are “dying to play for the Raiders.” Is he sure they didn’t mean “we’d rather be dead than play for the Raiders?”

There had been some talk that Oakland Raiders might play at Cal’s Memorial Stadium next year. After tonight, Berkeley may decide even for $$$ they won’t stoop that low. De La Salle High School field anyone?

How long until Vegas looks at their purchase of the Raiders under California’s “Lemon Law?”

Fox News headline about “Rogue star” & “massive threat to Earth.” “Another rogue star has been spotted heading our way. And our descendants may get to see it up close — in about 1.29 million years.” 1.29 million years?!! . Well, that sure justifies Trump’s “Space Force.”

You know how weird this world has become when you get an ad promoting a video of John Boehner speaking at the Cannabis Summit for investors in legalized marijuana…


Meanwhile, with all the Trump craziness today, including that anyone throwing a rock will be subject to being shot, here’s the Fox News headline angle “President pushes tough limits for asylum seekers, issues warning to violent migrants in caravan.”

Seriously, with all these troops and wannabe militia that are going to be down near the border, how long until some American citizen of Latino heritage gets shot just for walking around?


Trump today on the migrant caravan “if they throw rocks, consider it a rifle.” Bill Schroeder, Jeffrey Miller, Sandy Scheuer and Allison Krause might disagree. If they were alive. And they weren’t even throwing rocks on May 4, 1970.


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