Airing it out…

ESPN doing their usual raves tonight about Tom Brady and the Patriots tonight for beating Aaron Rodgers and now 3-4-1 Packers.
Meanwhile Drew Brees and Saints beat a pretty good Jared Goff and a now 8-1 Rams team…

Wonder if 1972 Miami Dolphins were buying drinks on Bourbon Street tonight for Saints.

Another week, another loss for the Cleveland Browns. But they’re still one win ahead of the Cavaliers.


Meanwhile NBC during Sunday Night Football decided to run a racist anti-caravan ad during Sunday Night Football that CNN turned down

And here most of us outside New England thought we could have just spent tonight just booing Tom Brady.


ESPN apologized to SEC commissioner for James Carville talking about conference conspiracy to favor pro-Alabama football.   Because oops, Carville forgot  “First rule of SEC conspiracy club, don’t talk about SEC conspiracy. club.

On Saturday FSU, Florida and Miami all lost. I miss the days when that would be the worst news for Floridians.  #Tallahasseeshooting

Your reminder that  Trump STILL hasn’t mentioned names of , Maura Binkley and Nancy Van Vessem, murdered Friday in Florida by a misogynist right-wing white American man.

Not enough to disenfranchise almost half million votes, now Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, with no proof, is accusing Democrats to try to hack voter registration system. So if he loses Kemp is hoping to get a job in Trump White House?

Kimberly Guilfoyle indicated if Republicans don’t vote “you’re going to get the Star Wars bar scene.” As opposed to if Democrats don’t vote we get a world led by Darth Vadar and Jabba the Hut.

However the election comes out, when you look at the polling differences between college-educated and non-college educated voters, you start seeing why Trump chose Betsy Devos for his cabinet. Education causes Democrats.

For his rallies, Trump loves to use songs that artists don’t want him playing. But wouldn’t the most appropriate be “Money can’t buy me love?”

From Melania Trump fundraising email today. “Democrats and the opposition media are doing everything they possibly can to discredit Donald with false accusations by spreading their fake news…” This is her idea of ?

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