The sound of one hand clapping?

Miami Marlins will allow noisemakers in designated section of Marlins Park next year. Apparently they want to make 300 fans sound like 30,000?


Packers signed Aaron Rodgers to 4-year, $134 million extension. In related news expect Green Bay to announce beer and brats can now be paid for with an interest-free loan.

Cleveland releases LB  Mychal Kendricks after he was charged for insider trading over making over  $1 million in illegal investments in 2014.  Well, at least Kendricks didn’t do something obvious like betting against the Browns.

Betsy Devos wants to use federal funds to arm teachers in schools, which means taking the money from things like school supplies. On the other hand, with enough guns, maybe teachers can demand all the pencils they want.


Ted Cruz must be getting scared, Texas GOP running an ad referencing a DUI arrest Beto O’Rourke got over 20 years ago.
But considering George W. Bush and Cheney had 3 such arrests between them, maybe Republicans are trying to say O’Rourke is Presidential material.

So who’s going to be one to break it to Donald Trump that Republicans generally win Republican primaries?

Meanwhile, in Arizona,  over 140,000 people STILL voted for Kelli Ward, and over 94,000 voted for Joe Arpaio. Hillary was right about deplorables.


Another example of why we need more women in politics: Gwen Graham, on the night she was upset in Florida primary by Andrew Gillum, congratulated him immediately and added “‘Now, Andrew, go out and win this damned thing.”

Got to love how Donald Trump tweets out a false statement about Hillary Clinton’s emails being hacked by China, on an unsecured cellphone.

Have to wonder how much of this week’s tweet storm is Trump realizing he will never be loved by Americans 1% as much as John McCain?

ICE agents detailed 160 allegedly undocumented workers after a surprise raid at Load Trail Trailers in Texas, but no “criminal arrests” were made.
Uh, why not? If Feds REALLY wanted to stop businesses hiring illegals, lock the executives up.

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