Can’t go home again?

Johnny Manziel now saying when he got to Cleveland I was like, ‘Can I go back to college?’
And soon Browns fans thought the same thing.

USA Today has college BOWL projections out today. And we thought Pumpkin Spice Lattes in August were jumping the gun.

SF Giants these days are doing a great impersonation of a really good baseball team.  Either that or the lousy act went on a little longer than intended.

Another day, another airline travel waiver for severe weather in Chicago. As a travel agent, can’t wait for winter and better weather.

Elon Musk has been acting so crazy lately you almost have to wonder if he’s considering a Presidential Exploratory Committee.

Catholic Charities of Buffalo is shutting down adoption services because state of NY says they cannot refuse to place children with same-sex couples.  Guess they think better the children should be looked after by priests?

Al Gore – “I invented the internet.”

Donald Trump- “I am trying to eliminate the internet.”

The real reason Donald Trump is mad at Google?. He probably figured out he’s a lot less popular than most cat videos.

Anyone remember that old party game Twister? The modern version is Trump apologists trying to explain how every insane thing he says or does is part of a rational plan.


Trump apparently in talking to Shinzo Abe told Japanese PM
“I remember Pearl Harbor.”
No wonder the aging President, born in 1946, hates Google. It tells people the date of Pearl Harbor.

What’s next, we’re going to hear that Trump told Angela Merkel he remembers when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? #AnimalHouse

Trump ranting today about Google. Wait until someone tells him both Kim Kardashian and Barack Obama have more Twitter followers than he does.


Whatever you do now don’t google “Imbecile.” It would really upset Trump.

But okay fellow Democrats, to make sure that happens in November we HAVE to get over “I’m not voting for ‘anyone endorsed by Hillary, Bernie or fill in the blank’ for whoever failed your purity test.”

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One Comment on “Can’t go home again?”

  1. Marty Robinson Says:

    That Al Gore said “I invented the internet” is a myth. investigated that claim and rated it False.

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