Bye Cutch

Really like Andrew McCutchen and have enjoyed watching him play. But couldn’t SF Giants have traded him to a team Giants fans could tolerate?   #DamnYankees

Now Trump is saying actual tapes that everyone has seen (but he doesn’t like) are “fudged.”

As an SF Giants fan can we be Presidential and say all those game tapes blown saves and 1 run losses this year were fudged and the team is on their way to clinching the NL West?

Now 145 former Ohio State students have come forward to accuse late sports doctor Richard Strauss of sexual abuse, the abuse Jim Jordan now denies knowing about. So another “he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he…. said” situation

Must be killing Donald Trump that even Fox News is devoting the morning to John McCain’s funeral.

As crazy as Betsy Devos’ idea to spend school money to arm teachers sounds, suppose with enough guns teachers can get all the school supplies they want.

I remember days when Phyllis Schlafly was biggest traitor to her gender we could imagine. Now Betsy Devos’s new rules for sexual violence investigations on campus “Every complainant’s sexual history, if relevant. may be introduced at the hearing…” ?

Trump today cancels pay raises for most federal employees set to take effect in January, citing budget concerns.
Got to pay for those billionaire tax cuts somehow.

Not only did Trump at his Indiana rally say “Democrats want to raid Medicare to pay for Socialism,”  but Breitbart doubled down on it by making the statement a headline

And here Trump complains Democrats claim his supporters are stupid – he’s the one acting like they are.

So if the US economy has never been better why does Trump need to cancel pay raises for federal employees because our budget cannot afford it?
Asking for a country.

Trump bragging today about 401k’s and stock market. Wasn’t one of reasons MAGAers said they voted for him is that all the economic gains were going to the elites – ie stockholders?

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4 Comments on “Bye Cutch”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    Look! Someone has to pay for all of those weekend trips to Florida and New Jersey. Or going over to the other side of world to meet with his fellow dictators’. And who is paying for these 1-day campaign rally’s. Not this allege billionaire. And don’t get me going on his military parade.

  2. JD in PA Says:

    Re: DeVos’s gun proposal:

    We don’t need no education
    We don’t need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids holy-crap-is-that-a-.32-never-mind-we-were-only-kidding-we’re-opening-our-books-now-jesuschrist-teacher-lady-what’s-your-problem?

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