Room for improvement?

Yeah, Stanford had an opening night crowd at kickoff that would have embarrassed the Oakland As.
But seriously, what do you expect when you sell your soul for TV rights and the first game is against San Diego State, three weeks before classes start, and at 6p on the Friday of Labor Day weekendcrowd.jpg



So is Aramis Garcia one of the power hitters SF Giant fans have been dreaming about? Or is this just another AAA game but against the Mets?

And who knew the SF Giants offense was capable of scoring a touchdown?

Urban Meyer says he “did not condone domestic violence” or “lie to reporters” but “my fault was in not taking action sooner against a troubled employee about his work-related issues.” So how long until Meyer leaves coaching to run for office?

JetBlue raised their first checked bag fee to $30 on Wednesday. Today United changed their fee to $30 effective immediately.
So congratulations to all those who had “48 hours” in the pool.

So the “sniveling coward” Donald Trump who is “worse than Hillary” has endorsed “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz, whose dad killed JFK. Ain’t politics grand?

Some questioning why Trump’s poll numbers haven’t fallen more in a week with Manafort verdict & story of Cohen flipping. One reason, Fox News watchers probably haven’t heard either story.

So let’s see, this week  Trump has angered veterans over his disrespect for John McCain, and over 2 million federal workers with a wage freeze. Good thing he doesn’t need either group to be re-elected…..

Open note to Donald Trump, if you’re going to be upset about “off the record” insults to Canada being leaked maybe you should stop tweeting on an unsecured cellphone.

Trump cranky about his leaked “off the record” comments – but “at least Canada knows where I stand.”

Right, they shouldn’t have leaked that I acted like a petulant child but I am doubling down on my tantrum.

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