Crunch time

The Cactus Bowl has been rebranded the “Cheez-its” bowl. So now we are about 4 months away from hearing “This is for all the Cheez-its!”

There are baseball games that can turn casual observers into serious fans for life. Tonight’s SF Giants Mets matchup was NOT one of those games.

Winning rally in the 13th.  0-2 Single, errand pick-off throw, wild pitch, and dropped pop-up. In other words,  a 2018 SF Giants offensive explosion.


It just me or did SF Giants really have their 2018 season circle the drain when Pablo Sandoval got hurt?

AP Top 25 Preseason Poll is out and Ohio State is #5.
Even Pete Rose wouldn’t bet on Urban Meyer being fired.

Ohio State announced Board of Trustees will meet Wednesday to discuss Urban Meyer investigation. There will be no public documents. “No public documents.”

Because Urban Meyer can never ever be seen to be wrong.

Four Japanese basketball players were kicked off Asian Games team and sent home Monday after they were caught “spending the night in a hotel with women.” So did they have NBA ambitions?

Ted Cruz attacks Beto O’Rourke for not condemning NFL anthem protests. Somehow I missed Ted’s condemning food stamp cuts affecting veterans.

Melania Trump speaking out about cyber-bullying makes those days of joking about Laura Bush pushing literacy seem so quaint.


I’m about ready for the part in the Trump show where Americans wake up and say “Honey, you won’t believe the dream I just had.”

Latest Trump fundraising email “Never in my life have I seen the Democrats this angry. They’re hoping to turn their RAGE into votes and seize control of our majority.” Well, he’s more right than usual.

So which band is going to be first to copyright the name ?

Tonight Trump attacked counter-terrorism analyst Phil Mudd, a former intelligent agent for 25 years, saying “he is in no mental condition to have such a Clearance. Should be REVOKED? Projection much?

Question, if  Trump can’t learn difference between “Councel” & “Counsel” how does he expect us to believe he could learn about stuff like foreign policy & the economy?

Asking for a country.

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One Comment on “Crunch time”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Madonna goes all Trumpy with her tribute for Aretha Franklin.

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