Didn’t August used to be a slow news time?

If Hillary Clinton had won election would that mean Manafort, Cohen etc, could have lived out their guilty lives in peace?


This seems like a good day to remind Americans that Manafort was the one who pushed Trump to chose Mike Pence as his running mate.

Donald Trump absolutely humiliated Michael Cohen at his son’s bar mitzvah, showing up late and saying his lawyer had “begged” him to come. Who’d a thunk such presidential behavior might not engender loyalty?

Looking like it’s the payments to mistresses that result in Michael Cohen’s guilty plea, at the same time Omarosa releases tapes and videos. Cherchez la femme!

Dear SNL. Any way you guys can come off summer hiatus early for a short show at least featuring a cold open this weekend?

In addition, the Daily Show is on vacation until Sept 4. Well, yeah, because nothing important ever happens in August.

But open note to any political reporters on vacation this week. Vacation’s over

Well hey, don’t all Republicans donate to their Congressman so he can spend a quarter of a million dollars on vacations?

Median income in California’s 50th congressional district $61,533. Rep. Duncan Hunter’s salary $174,000, plus expenses and benefits. And he needed to spend $250,000 of campaign funds on family vacations….

Two women today were proved in court to be telling the truth. At least 16 other women have accused Trump of sexual assault. Just saying.


So sad about Mollie Tibbets. But Nia Wilson was a beautiful girl too. So were Shanann Watts and her little girls. The value of your life shouldn’t depend on your skin color nor who kills you.


While Trump rails against illegal immigrants with the murder of Mollie Tibbits why isn’t he suggesting that any American who illegally hired her killer in the last several years be charged as an accomplice?

How could Americans possibly feel safe from crime in a country run by criminals?

Sports taking 2nd place tonight…

Per ESPN – Dodgers tonight didn’t score with runners on 2nd and 3rd and no outs .In last 2 games against Cardinals they are 3-for-19 with runners in scoring position with 20 LOB.
Who do they thinking they are, the SF Giants?

Caesar’s Palace Sports Book reports there are more bets on the Browns to win AFC North than the other three teams combined. Beam me up Scotty….

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