Down the rabbit hole


A man faces up to life in prison after being convicted of sexually assaulting a sleeping woman on a Spirit Airlines flight.
Worse, he could be sentenced to a lifetime of flying Spirit Airlines.

Who said it better?
“Truth isn’t truth.” -Rudy Giuliani
“I’m not crazy, my reality is just different than yours.” the Cheshire Cat.

Next year canSF Giants just skip road visit to Cincinnati, forfeit all three games; save wear and tear on their bodies and egos.

Could be worse. SF Giants could have played a road series at Little League World Series. Guessing one of the kids could have tossed at least 4 shut out innings against them.

Not biased because I am NOT an Athletics fan.  But if Oakland knocks Houston out of the AL West title,  maybe mean bitch karma really didn’t like Astros signing Osuna?

Might be the most Ryanair story ever.  A passenger tweeted “Our flight to Krakow hasn’t taken off yet because a man dressed as Tinkerbell has threatened to cut everybody up.” Airline confirmed drunk and “unruly Tinkerbell” removed from flight.

Interesting that the President who screams “McCarthyism” had McCarthy’s chief counsel, Roy Cohn, for a lawyer.

Former DNI James Clapper says “Brennan’s rhetoric is becoming an issue in and of itself.” Would someone please ask him what he thinks of Trump’s rhetoric?

Georgia GOP state Sen. Michael Williams, who is white, said today “it is “always wrong to use that (N) word,” but that Trump, as President, has not used that word.
To quote Pete Rose “Wanna bet?”

“Mainstream Media” enabled and normalized Trump, now he’s trying to destroy them. You’d think accordingly they’d have more sympathy sometimes for women in abusive relationships.

Trump won’t endorse in AZ Senate primary between Martha McSally. Kelli Ward, and Joe Arpaio. Not because he can’t decide, but because he has to claim victory… and doesn’t know who will win.

Looking forward to SNL return next month. So we can once again ask when watching something crazy with Trump – “Is it real, or is it the cold open?

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