Oh say can you see?

ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro said today that network has not regularly televised the national anthem during Monday Night Football and does not plan to start this season.
Disappointing probably only fans who used the time for convenient kitchen or bathroom breaks.

Of course, if Trump or his supporters feel THAT strongly, they could buy up commercial time during the pre-game, and use it to show the National Anthem, unedited and without ads interrupting it…..

SF’s rookie star pitcher Dereck Rodriguez on DL with strained hamstring sustained in Dodgers-Giants brawl when Puig went after Hundley. To quote Bull Durham’s Annie Savoy “Don’t be such GUYS.”

University of Alabama is going to spend about $300 million to upgrade their football stadium. Only about 5% of the state’s public school budget for a year.


Elon Musk has gone so nuts on Twitter have to expect he’ll soon be launching a Presidential Exploratory Committee.

Estimates for Trump’s now “postponed” parade had gone up to $92 million from original $12 million estimate -due to expenses for aircraft, equipment, personnel and security, not charges from city of D.C. In other words, Trump lied.

Trump says of cancelled $92 million military parade “Now we can buy some more jet fighters!” Uh, I’m no expert but per Google says F-22s cost “$339 million per plane. Incremental cost for additional F-22 estimated about $138 million in 2009.”

But hey, it will cover more golf weekends.

Judge & jury in Manafort trial have received threats, President of the United States calls the defendant a “very good person” & says trial “very said.” That moment when a Grisham thriller novel seems more plausible than reality.

Now Omarosa may have video as well as tapes. Who’d a thunk when you hire a reality-show villain, then fire and trash her, she’d behave like a reality-show villain?

A bipartisan group of 12 former intelligence officials released a statement on “the ill-considered and unprecedented remarks and actions by the White House regarding the removal of John Brennan’s security clearances.”
How long until Trump declares “intelligence is over-rated?”

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One Comment on “Oh say can you see?”

  1. Can we somehow blame Jeff Samardzija for Dereck Rodriguez’s injury too? #MichaelMorse

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