A kick away

Got it. 49ers hang on to beat the Steelers by a field goal at Candlestick Park tonight. 13-10. Oh wait, never mind.  #SFGiants #Pirates


In honor of retiring Barry Bonds’ number, SF Giants are giving out hats tomorrow with #25 on them. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to hand out rubber chickens?


Give Trump credit, before this year almost nobody cared what the SCORES were for preseason football.  Let alone what players were doing during the anthem.

Here’s a solution for the NFL – just stop showing the anthem.on TV. More time for commercials and bathroom breaks.

Actually, until every billionaire NFL owner shuts the concession stands and locks the bathrooms during the anthem, Trump should STFU about it.

FDA has approved marketing for a smartphone app claiming to help prevent pregnancy.
Seems simple, spend enough time with smartphone apps and you won’t get close enough to another human to get pregnant.

Not sure about Alaska Airlines & #Seatac.  And it sounds like a story that could have been much sadder.  But many airlines to save money are now firing employees & using contract labor to save money on ground staff including those on tarmac. But hey, what could go wrong?

Though if a suicidal man is going to hijack a plane, glad he left the first part of the usual “murder-suicide” out of it.


Omarosa now says Trump repeatedly used “N-word” and other racial slurs. Is she trying to sell books, or boost Trump approval rates with MAGAers

But really, does Omarosa realize that for many Trump supporters racism is a feature, not a bug?

Do have to ask, as these tell-all books all relate what a horrible unstable racist Trump is, why did these people go to work for him in the first place?

Marco Rubio on Trump “Well, he’s had the nuclear codes for a year and a half, and we’ve been all right.”
This is like the guy who falls off the Empire State Building and at about the 20th floor is thinking “I’m gonna be all right.”

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