Not so fast balls.

Barry Zito threw out the first pitch tonight at AT&T Park. Zito looked in great form – his fastball can still rattle glass.

You know it’s a tough season for SF Giants when you find yourself cheering for breaking up perfect games with a walk.


Here’s a solution for the NFL. Stop televising the anthem.  And leave it to the fans  in the stands whether they want to stand at attention or rush for a bathroom or concession break.

A tourist gets drunk enough to angrily bang on on a car he thought was an Uber. Car owner, a Wake Forest assistant basketball coach, is mad enough to punch the guy – he falls and hits his head on the ground. Tourist now dead, coach arrested.
Sad proof again, that many of this world’s evils can be put down to testosterone poisoning.

Maybe the reason Trump felt the need to tweet “I like Mike” is he’s hoping to get Michael Jordan to run his Space Force.


Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway is resigning and has pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges over accepting $450,000 in bribes and kickbacks.
Resigning over bribes and kickbacks? Members of Trump administration are thinking “How quaint.”

Laura Ingraham complains “Massive demographic changes have been foisted upon the American people. … Much of this is related to both illegal and in some cases legal immigration.”
She has a valid point if she’s talking about Native American people.

Ivanka and Jared are looking for permanent home in Washington, D.C. When they find it, before they move in trust they are planning to insulate with Russian asbestos.

So now that Trump is bringing back Russian asbestos, how long until he starts allowing Russian DDT?


A Kansas County Clerk confirmed Colyer received 522 votes on election day rather than 422 as reported by Kobach’s office & “said the secretary of state’s office was responsible for the discrepancy, not the county.” I’m sure it’s JUST a coincidence.


Trump tonight said his administration wants to ensure former inmates can find employment. Makes sense, after Trump leaves office what hope will many of Trump’s staff and cabinet have otherwise?

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