Arson squads

SF Giants fans got to watch a bullpen lose a game late for 3rd straight day. Fortunately tonight it was Dodgers’ pen against the As.

And at least the SF Giants bullpen was guaranteed not to break fans’ hearts tonight.  (Team had an off-day.)


So Oscars are going to have a category for “Best Popular Movie.” Thereby admitting that most of their winners AREN’T popular?

Why do all the headlines about Brock Turner mention him being a Stanford swimmer. Simple and more accurate just to say “Convicted rapist loses appeal.”

Somewhere there’s got to be a pool on who at Ohio State will lose their job over the domestic abuse scandal with assistant football coach Zach Smith.   But pretty sure it’s not going to be Urban Meyer.

Because nothing, EVER, is Urban Meyer’s fault.

NY GOP Rep. Chris Collins was Trump’s first backer in Congress. Today he was arrested for insider trading. Crooks of a feather.

Chris Collins denies insider trading charges. Because hey, when you find out a major drug trial has failed, immediately try to call your son 7 times, then he sells stock right after you reach him, wouldn’t anyone call that a coincidence.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, appointed by Trump to his commission on voter fraud (which found nothing.)  is leading by 191 votes in the GOP Gubernatorial Primary.

This is close enough for an automatic recount. Such a recount would be overseen by the Secretary of State’s office.

What could possibly go wrong?


Elon Musk is getting so erratic on Twitter have to wonder if he’s thinking of running for President?

I miss when “Fast and Furious” referred to a series of car movies, and not criminal stories coming from the White House.


So Trump administration claims they will sanction Russia for using a chemical weapon in Britain earlier this year. At same time Trump approves importing Russian asbestos. #WTF?

If Trump thinks asbestos is so safe, can he please use it to insulate his hotels and Mar-A-Lago?

Just wondering, when Trump is out of office will his entire staff and Cabinet retire? Because they’re not going to be able to get jobs anywhere else.

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