Somebody else’s problem

As SFGiants fan it’s strangely cathartic on Sunday Night Baseball to watch someone ELSE’s bullpen melt down for a change.  #cubs #nationals

Both teams.

I guarantee, if you are a baseball fan, whatever you thought of Barry Bonds, you NEVER went to the restroom or refrigerator or concession stands during his at-bats.



SF 49ers now say there’s nothing they can do about the intense sun & heat faced by fans on east side of Levi’s Stadium. But they will lower the price of bottled water from $6 to $2 so fans can stay hydrated.
The NFL equivalent of “thoughts and prayers.”



Rep. Chris Collins, indicted on insider trading charges, has suspended his re-election campaign. One question – “Who’s next?”


Remembering Heather Heyer and sadly realizing that if she had been killed by a car driven by an undocumented immigrant Trump would have been eulogizing her regularly.

What is this fascination Trump has with some women he accuses? Today on Twitter – “Peter S, and his lover, the lovely Lisa Page; “Bruce Ohr, and his beautiful wife, Nelly.”
Almost like you’d think Donald was a sex offender or something.

Gentlemen (and ladies) you cannot create a situation here. This is the situation room.

GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel says Omarosa should be prosecuted for recording John Kelly in the Situation Room.
Uh, what about a President who calls and tweets on an un-secure phone?#Lockhimup?

Okay folks, what’s the over-under on how many of Trump administration have their own tapes?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders attacked Omarosa for a “lack of character and integrity.” Wait a minute, isn’t that why Trump hired her in the first place?




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2 Comments on “Somebody else’s problem”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Gotta feel for those WalkOff Nationals fans. Not!

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