The tweet’s the thing

Now it’s Sean Newcomb, fresh off his near no-hitter, who’s been caught out with racist homophobic tweets when he was 18-19.
I suppose I get youthful stupidity, & learning tolerance. But wouldn’t you think at 25 he’d know enough to delete tweets?

Open note to young athletes. 1. Tolerance is a good thing. 2. If you haven’t learned that yet, keep it to yourself or at least off social media. #SeanNewcomb#JoshNader

Anyone social media savvy with time on their hands probably could name their price now to help young @MLB players scrub their Twitter accounts.


So after Rob Manfred says Mike Trout needs to market himself, Sunday Night Baseball July 22- Mets-Yankees rainout; July 29 – Cubs-Cardinals rain delay. Thinking mean bitch Karma just might be a Trout fan.

(At the moment, thunderstorms are only expected next Saturday in Boston, where Sunday Night’s next game will be played against the …surprise,  Yankees.)

Jose Altuve on DL for first time in his career with a knee injury. Did they diagnose him at Children’s Hospital?

(And I love Altuve, so I’m laughing with him not at him. How many superstars who aren’t jockeys can I be taller than in heels?)


Cowboys’ QB Dak Prescott says NFL anthem protests take away ‘from the joy and the love that football brings.” But hey, maybe the CTE will help players forget.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg says “I have at least five more years on the Supreme Court.”

You Go Girl.  Or as my friend Karen says “You STAY Girl.”

Wonder if FLOTUS “can watch any channel she likes”, if she watching MSNBC airing #AllThePresidentsMen Sunday night?


So why would any foreign government trust Trump to keep promises when he can’t even keep promise to keep conversation with @NYTimes off the record?

Trump says he tweets because media doesn’t report him honestly. But almost all his tweets are simply bragging and/or spewing hate.
“If someone tells you who they are, believe them.”

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4 Comments on “The tweet’s the thing”

  1. Dennis Mar Says:

    Regarding the Supreme Court, I recently attended a Paula Poundstone concert during which she said she was trying to keep herself as healthy as possible in case Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs an organ.

  2. Donald Sherman Says:

    The owners of Glen Abbey golf course should be embarrassed. Dustin Johnson won with a score of 23 under. 37, let me repeat that 37 players had a score of 10 under or better. How can you call that a tournament?

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