Not so new boys of summer

So after Rob Manfred says Mike Trout should market himself…. who’s on Saurday’s Fox Game of the Week? Cubs vs. Cardinals. Who’s on Sunday Night Baseball tomorrow? Cubs vs. Cardinals.


You know it’s getting bad for SF Giants fans when your goal for the night is less making up ground on Dodgers than jinxing the no-hitter.


Bruce Bochy took a red-eye flight tonight to New York for Trevor Hoffman’s Hall-of-Fame induction ceremony tomorrow.    Hope the flight stocked a LOT of his favorit red wine.

So far, this year’s MLB’s trade deadline is the most “rich get richer” that we’ve seen since GOP passed those tax cuts.


Reports now Donald  Trump wanted to see Ivanka married to Tom Brady. Millions of Americans would be okay with that – Patriots couldn’t be any more hated, & we’d have Ivanka out of DC.

FOX News website headline “DHS: All eligible immigrant parents reunited with children.” Only down in the story is the line “Hundreds of children remain apart from their families following separations at the border.”
State TV at its finest.


Necco candy plant in Revere, MA, suddenly closed. They made Necco Wafers, Mary Janes & Valentine’s Day tiny Sweetheart candies. Will the last candy hearts instead of saying “Be Mine” say “Blame Trump?”

NY Times reports Jared Kushner “has privately said that he has been taking action against ‘incompetence.'”
Some statements don’t even need a punchline.

Crickets from Trump on deadly California Carr Fire. Although imagine the tweet storm if he thought it was started by an immigrant.

And ten people at least shot in New Orleans, three fatally.  Less sad perhaps that we reset the USA  mass shooting clock than that we barely notice.


Can we call Trump the “Pinball President?” Because scandals come so fast & furious it’s like a ball bouncing so fast off bumpers we don’t know what to react to next.

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