And the hits just keep on coming.



So with Osuna traded to Astros & Chapman with Yankees, ALCS could come down to battle of two closers arrested for domestic violence.
This is NOT, perhaps, how MLB wanted to compete with football.

Top college basketball recruit DJ Jeffries is decommitting from Kentucky ” I am confident that taking my time to choose the right school for me to better myself educationally and athletically is the right choice.”
Right, because that time in college classrooms could be the best dozen hours of his life?

SF Giants Will Smith asked after getting out of of a jam in 11th and striking out side to get win in 12th how he deals with “the whole night riding on you getting that guy out? “You try your hardest to get them out.”
One of my new favorite Giants.

If Will Smith likes pitching in San Francisco he better hope that 4 strikeout performance came too late for the trade deadline.

Scariest thing about #JoshHader #SeanNewcomb and #TreaTurner stories involving homophobic and racist tweets when they were teenager; for all that they’ve apologized, the tweets make SOME Americans like them better.

Jeff Sessions announced #ReligiousLibertyTaskForce. It will protect the rights of all groups who follow HIS religion.

Trump administration today called for “free, fair, and transparent elections” in Nicaragua. Right, as long as they don’t try that same nonsense in the United States.

So if there was ‘no collusion” why would it matter if Rudy doesn’t “even know if that’s a crime — colluding with Russians.”
Such stable geniuses.

Sometimes have to wonder, is Rudy Guiliani really THAT stupid, or is Rudy just trying to get back at Trump for being elected President when he couldn’t?

Labor Department says consumer prices rose 2.9 percent in June from a year earlier, highest inflation in more than six years.
I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.


Who knew getting a Nobel Peace Prize could be so complicated? #northkorea

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One Comment on “And the hits just keep on coming.”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    So with Osuna traded to Astros & Chapman with Yankees, ALCS could come down to battle of two closers arrested for domestic violence.

    #moreBusToHell: Astros had already released prospect Danry Vasquez for beating up his GF. Now they sign Osuna. Can this be defined as deploying a switch hitter?

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