Semi wins?

Waiting for Putin to declare that Russia won in the World Cup Electoral College.

Croatia on to World Cup semis. Probably not a good idea for the team to go out for a congratulatory tea tonight.

Not that @realDonaldTrump was watching World Cup.  But the tying goal for Russia late in extra-time was scored by Mario Fernandes  Latin American immigrant.


Watch Croatia goalie play much of a World Cup quarterfinal on one leg and a bad hamstring. Kind of puts more than a few on MLB’s DL to shame.

Arizona Diamondbacks scored 11 runs in first 3 innings against SD Padres Saturday night.  SF Giants  have scored 10 runs in last 5 games.

At what point does Giants offense show up on milk cartons?

According to GOP & Trump it’s worse locker room behavior for NFL players simply to stay there during anthem than for men to be there sexually assaulting college students or talking about sexually assaulting women.


So yeah, an all NATO World Cup Final Four. In Russia.

Amazing how thrice-married man sleeping with both a porn star and Playboy bunny (at least) during his current marriage is so obsessed with “FBI Lovers.”

At this point there’s enough evidence against Jim Jordan he’d be forced to resign even if he were a top football coach.


Judging by Republican reaction to #JimJordan, it wouldn’t have taken long for Roy Moore to be accepted by GOP Congress.

North Korea called out United States for “gangster-like mindset.”
That moment when a murderous dictatorship speaks more honestly than most of the US media.

Offered a lucrative endorsement contract for Ritz Carlton body lotion   #ReasonsScottPruittResigned


So over-under on how long it will take Trump to attack Bill Frist?


Dershowitz claims he is being treated worse for defending Trump than he was for defending O.J. Simpson. Well, O.J. only permanently separated two children from their mother.

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2 Comments on “Semi wins?”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    So Trump is being criticized for recently saying that “we’re the schmucks” paying for Germany’s defense. Well, he can only speak for himself.

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