Cruel and unusual

Jenrry Mejia has been reinstated by MLB two years after being given a lifetime ban for PEDs. Because playing for the #Mets is punishment enough?

Tonight SF Giants scored more runs than any World Cup team scored goals.   Which would be more fun to write if it weren’t the first time all week.

And well, the World Cup is now down to the “Northern Hemisphere” Cup.

Who’s more nervous at time of writing this post?  Players for England, Sweden, Russian and Croatia?  Or refs who are calculating odds of calling penalty kicks against Russia and getting out of Moscow alive?

Who knew that a former assistant wrestling coach at OSU might end up more universally hated than Urban Meyer?


Jim Jordan now on his part in Ohio State wrestling doctor scandal – “conversations in a locker room are a lot different than allegations of abuse or reported abuse.”
In other words, it’s not sexual assault when it’s “locker room banter?’


Let’s put it a different way, if Ohio State allegations of ignoring sexual abuse were against ANY Democrat in Congress, GOP would be calling for immediate imprisonment after resignation.

Seriously at this point how racist AND stupid do you have to be to act out in public in a world where everyone is armed with a cellphone?

Not condoning hat stealing and drink tossing, but FELONY THEFT charges for guy who took teen’s MAGA hat & threw a soda at him?
In Texas the charges might be less if he shot a gun to scare the kid.

Trump says he can’t find US workers at Mar-A-Lago. He is paying $12-13 an hour. Why not try $15 an hour to prove we don’t need immigrants?

And heck, according to a quick search, the local Hilton is paying $16 an hour, with probably benefits.

So Trumpbaby has scared Trump out of visiting London. California wants to know, can we borrow or build one?


Two questions. 1. Does Donald Trump even know who Curtis Hill is? 2. How long until Trump claims he believes Indiana’s Attorney General?

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