And another 100,000 or so Panda hats today get dragged out of storage…. #PabloSandoval

Shohei Ohtani hit a 443 ft pinch-hit 7th inning home run to beat the Dodgers tonight.  And Madison Bumgarner, who got only a walk and a single and a win today for the Giants is no doubt p*ssed.

Now that Lebron has made his third decision to move on, Tyronn Lue will meet with Luke Walton in Vegas Monday for breakfast.  So will Lue warn Walton how much Luke might miss coaching?

Now a 7th accuser has come forward to say that Jim Jordan knew about the sexual abuse of wrestlers. So it’s basically now a “He said, he said, he said, he said, he said, he said, he said, he said” situation.

Seen on a bottle of Korbel “California Champagne.”   – “Never use a corkscrew to open.”  Beam me up Scotty….

So silly that a woman called Steve Bannon a “Piece of Trash.” Trash can be very useful when recycled.

Justin Bieber is  engaged? I don’t care, do u?

Rudy Giuliani is becoming such a fixture on Sunday morning talk shows. Didn’t Saturday used to be the morning for cartoons?
US actually came out AGAINST a UN resolution to support breast feeding.    Some combination of donations from formula makers and Trump’s opinion that breasts should be used only for their rightful function of attracting potential husbands and gropers?

Understand that many people might have a hard time locating Lexington, Virginia precisely on a map.
But some MAGAers attacking Red Hen restaurant over Sarah Sanders are trashing the Red Hen in… Napa, California? #cantfixstupid

First time Trump mentions Thai boys in cave is day they are being rescued – so he can take credit for US assisting with “brave and talented people.” #ThaiCaveRescue

If those boys in Thailand try to immigrate to US after their rescue Trump would accuse them of being gang members.


Tweeting out many clips of people saying he would never be President. Is this the moment when @realDonaldTrump became a 12-year-old boy acting Presidential?



Hereditary monarchy got England Queen Elizabeth II. Electoral college got USA Donald Trump. Maybe time to rethink that revolutionary war?

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