Heavenly catch?

RIP Dwight Clark. Maybe he can join with Johnny Unitas for some great flag football games in Heaven.

Of course, USA COULD have had a President tweet about football tonight by talking about Dwight Clark & what a horrible disease ALS is. If we had a President.

Guessing  Washington Capitals even if they win Stanley Cup Finals aren’t going to White House either – in 2012, owner Ted Leonsis contributed $45,800 to the Obama Victory  Fund.

Last time SF Giants picked a catcher in the 1st round of draft it turned out okay.   #JoeyBart #BusterPosey

Some on Warriors upset that Kendrick Perkins didn’t get out of Stephen Curry’s way yesterday, saying that the Golden State star could have been seriously injured.  Spurs and Kawhi Leonard are getting out the violins.  #Zaza


We knew POTUS is a snowflake. But with this sudden Eagles declaration, the only real question at first was, what was he trying to distract us from tonight?  #Manafort

Trump uninvited Philadelphia Eagle from White House visit because some of them disagreed with him on anthem protests.
Even if Cavs have miracle comeback, think we can pass on idea of NBA champions visiting right now.

Howard Schultz stepping down as head of Starbucks. He’s leaving some venti shoes to fill.

Residents of Kapaho area on Big Island of Hawaii warned to evacuate last week. Now more than a dozen people are trapped by lava and helicopters are only potential way out.
Can we charge them both for the rescue and honorary Darwin medals?


Giuliani on Trump’s lawyers saying POTUS dictated statement on Trump Tower meeting “It was a mistake. I swear to God, it was a mistake.”
Funny, millions of Americans saying same thing to the world on the 2016 election.

Trump tweeted twice today that this is the “best time ever to look for a job!” Repeating yourself in a short time period is one of the first signs….

Supreme Court ruled in favor of baker who wouldn’t bake wedding cake for gay couple on religious grounds. Does that mean a baker could refuse to bake cakes for say, men on their 3rd marriage?

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2 Comments on “Heavenly catch?”

  1. JD in PA Says:

    My favorite tweet about the Eagles White House visit brouhaha comes from George Takei:

    “Trump disinvited Super Bowl winning Philly Eagles to the White House over concerns some of the players had refused to come. In related news, Becky Sullivan won’t go to the dance on Saturday if Shelley is showing up, even if she apologizes for what she said about her hair.”

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