The end is in sight.

Now that the Warriors have gone up 2 games to 0, the NBA finals may be over this week.  Just in time for next week’s start to the NBA pre-season?


#JakeArrieta, angry at his teammates after being swept by #SFGiants“Overall, it’s just a really horse s— series. Really bad. Really bad.”
Wonder who on the Phillies told him to p*ss off Hernandez by almost hitting him, and to give up a home run to McCutchen?

Losing a game 7 to 1 isn’t that unusual. Losing it with that score in 14 innings indicates this Mets team might be special.

Tiger Woods made headlines by playing competitive golf this weekend and tied for 23rd at the Memorial Tournament. Someday we’ll go back to having headlines about who actually wins these things.

The real question of the weekend, seriously – why did  Trump go to Camp David and not golfing?

An man is expected to recover after  when an off-duty FBI agent doing a back flip on the dance floor had his gun go off and accidentally shot him. So how do we stop a (stupid) good guy with a gun?

Should we start looking for secret Melania messages “Help, I’m being held prisoner in a covfefe factory?”

Reading Trump”s rants about Manafort today can only assume that he flipped. Bigly.

How long until Trump tweets that he barely knows Don Jr and that Donny barely spent any time with the campaign?

Just a thought, can media stop reporting every word that crazy Rudy Giuliani says? His only current relevance is that @realDonaldTrump was crazy enough to hire him.

So instead of spending so much time interviewing people like Steve Bannon, why doesn’t @CNN interview people like Cory Booker Kamala Harris & other Democrats with actual ideas.

Amazing to think now that under Barack Obama we had 8 years of not getting up every morning and thinking “Oh gawd, what did he do now?”

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