Missed it by that much…

How many pitchers get a standing ovation when they come to the plate with the bases loaded? #MadisonBumgarner #SFGiants


(and he came closer to getting a hit than either position player in the inning, fouled a ball straight back.)

That moment when Dennis Rodman is going to be the adult supervision in Singapore…..

Speaking of job creation, how many people did Trump hire to pretend to be Eagles fans at today’s White House ceremony? #GodBlessAmerica

Tim Lincecum will be released by Texas Rangers. Can he sign a one-day contract with San Francisco to retire a Giant?

How long until @realDonaldTrump just cancels all professional sports champions visiting White House & replaces them with ceremonies focused on himself?

Stanford graduate  Zach Ertz got FOX NEWS to apologize for using photos of Eagles players praying to accuse them of kneeling. Cool. Now can he work on POTUS?

So Trump says he’d run to face an armed killer. Betting now he wouldn’t even face sitting in the stands with Eagles fans.

Tough times for many liberals. Do we boycott NFL over CTE issues, or watch more because many players are standing up to Trump?

Melania Trump  didl not attend “honoring America” Trump White House ceremony today. Was she staying in the locker room?

Miss America is giving up its swimsuit competition, saying they will no long judge contestants on “their outward physical appearance.”
Uh, I’m liberal, but it’s a BEAUTY PAGEANT. #WTF?

So good to see all GOP putting aside politics and decrying the hoax SWAT call to the home of Parkland survivor @davidhogg111 . Oh wait, never mind.

IF Trump & GOP really wanted to stop undocumented workers, instead of publicizing ICE raids w/ pictures of immigrants being deported, they’d show pictures of business owners in handcuffs. But it’s not about rich business owners. It’s about playing to the base. Period.


Somehow I’ve missed all the heartwarming stories about US citizens who were jobless but fulfilled their dream of working as manual laborers because of all these ICE deportations.


Republican John Cox, advancing to the General Election for Governor in California. We’ve put a businessman in the White House, let’s put a businessman in the Governor’s mansion.”
Uh, “businessman” Trump’s approval rating in California – 35%.


Finally and seriously.  Sad news about Kate Spade.  Reminds us that seeming to be on top of the world is no safeguard against depression.

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