Red hot machine

Only thing better than the Reds sweeping the Dodgers would have been if Cincinnati & Los Angeles played 20 plus innings before Reds flew to SF tonight before series with SFGiants.

Although with their first win in a week, and a 5-0 shutout, at this point  SFGiants better keep wearing those pink batting gloves!

Nice of the #Cavs to make sure no one’s #MothersDay dinner or brunch had anyone too distracted by a close game.

So number one question after Game 1 of Eastern Conference finals.  WWJF.  “Who will James fire?”

Almost think golf should have Tiger Woods play every Sunday in a group with the leaders.   Just to have Americans pay attention to whoever is actually winning.


Two million eggs recalled from an Indiana-based business’s North Carolina farm. So far at least 35 people sick with salmonella. But hey, who needs to worry about chickens and pesky regulations.

WSJ reports that Uber turned down repeated attempts from Michael Cohen to get hired as a consultant with access to Trump.  Apparently they felt Cohen, who owns over 30 taxi medallions,  had conflicts of interest,  How slimy do you have to be to give Uber the moral high ground.


Amazing how many people who have issues with #PlannedParenthood seem to ignore the “Planned” aspect of it. Many of the same people ignore the “well-regulated” before militia.

White House aide reportedly promised Meghan McCain a public apology for her “joke,” but it hasn’t happened yet.
Uh, @kellysadler45, let me help you out. It’s REALLY not hard to reach millions on Twitter.- “I f*cked up, I was sorry and insensitive. ” Period.


Last night’s Paris knife attacker was born in Russia’s republic of Chechnya. Waiting for Trump to add Russia to the travel ban?

Good to know Donald Trump took time from his golf weekend to focus on jobs. In China? And hey, ZTE was only accused of violating sanctions with North Korea AND using their phones to spy on Americans. #WTF?


Hope all #MAGA folks are thrilled to see Trump with a Mothers Day focus on jobs. For ZTE, In China. For Chinese workers.

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