The second time’s the hardest?

Nashville Predators’ forward Mike Fisher, who came out of retirement in Febuary, says he’s retiring again now. “Good start” – responded Brett Favre.


Hockey players tend to be among most liberal pro athletes.  So if  Winnipeg Jets end up winning Stanley Cup, Trump will probably be relieved not to worry about inviting the Canadians to White House.

You can’t lose six baseball games in a row without a certain amount of creativity.   Giving up the winning run with a HBP is creative.  In the A’s dugout,  Santiago Casilla may be smiling.

Meanwhile the A’s lost a game  to the Yankees in extra innings, after they had appeared, even on replay to have scored the winning run in regulation.  But the play was overturned by replay officials…. in New York.  I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.



While Trump his latest prescription drug plans are great for consumers, all you need to know is that drug stocks rose afterwards. Bigly.

Trump version of Louis XIV. “Le marais est moi.”

(For those who don’t know French or have Google translate, “marais” means “swamp.”)

Amy Suskind reports that FDA employees were informed in an email that TV’s in the building  now must be tuned, not to CNN but Fox News.  I liked “1984” better when it was satire.

Do we really expect that either AT&T OR Novartis would say “Yeah, that money we paid Michael Cohen was a really good investment and worth every penny?”

Trump wants to force drug companies to charge higher prices in other countries, saying that with extra revenue they can lower prices in U.S.
Right, like companies have done that with their tax cuts.


If someone in White House actually were to leak a signed contract between Putin and Trump pledging Russian support to make sure Hillary lost the 2016 election, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Fox would demand prison for the leaker.

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