Shake, rattle and roll


Okay, it WAS a little earthquake. Not just the shock of  SF Giants putting 3 runs on the board in first inning?

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Jameson Taillon says he’s open to urinating on his middle finger to heal a cut on it. Well, this should cut down on excessive autograph requests.

Congrats to all those who had “less than 2 minutes” for how long it would take Draymond Green to pick up his first technical in #Rockets #Warriors series.

Seattle City Council just approved tax on large businesses such as Amazon and Starbucks to fight homelessness. Waiting for Trump tweet of Congratulations since he wanted Amazon to pay more tax…..

Really miss days when Meghan Markel’s father possibly not attending his own daughter’s royal wedding would have been Monday’s most outrageous story.

After Supreme Court decision NFL called for Congress to “enact a core regulatory framework for legalized sports betting” to protect “the integrity of our game.”
Because when you think of integrity you think of… Congress? #WTF

United Airlines is offering baggage delivery for a fee to passengers and promising bags within 4-6 hours after landing. Wonder if the airline is making this cost-effective by putting bags in the same vans delivering delayed luggage?

Southwest had to cancel about 60 flights from Denver today after hail damaged planes on the GROUND at Denver International Airport last night.
But no, we’re not living in a time of climate change.

Supreme Court ruled a federal ban on sports betting is unconstitutional. Time to add Pete Rose to Trump’s sports council?


This morning before  Supreme Court rules federal ban on sports gambling is unconstitutional, had already gotten a spam email about how to bet online on the Preakness….

Can we win on #NetNeutrality by warning American men the alternative may include no more free porn? This includes you, @SenTedCruz


Jared Kushner blamed Palestinian protesters for “provoking problems” today. So assume he would have said students killed at Kent State asked for it too?

If @realDonaldTrump feels so strongly that ZTE is a great company then why doesn’t he start using one of their cellphones?

Maybe Trump didn’t go with Melania to hospital for her surgery just because he wanted to watch Ivanka open Jerusalem US Embassy?

Trump says leakers are “traitors and cowards.” But the aide who joked about McCain’s death? She’s probably been promoted.

White House reported Trump called Waffle House hero, James Shaw, Jr, TODAY, 22 days after shooting, and commended him for his “heroic actions and quick thinking.”
But no tweets to that effect. Was @realDonaldTrump afraid of offending his base?

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