Gone in 124 seconds.

Happy Kentucky Derby Day! When we get to marvel at the accomplishments of three-year olds. Instead of leaders who act like three-year olds.

Hell of a Kentucky Derby for Justify.  And at least we didn’t have to hear about his exit velocity.

Most exciting two minutes:  Kentucky Derby Least exciting two minutes – Stormy Daniels  report on sex with Trump.

Kentucky Derby. Fastest two minutes in sports. Except for how long Cleveland Browns fans have hope each season.

Love how on Kentucky Derby day millions of Americans suddenly become one-day experts on horse racing. Like triple salchows for a week at the Olympics.

Brief non-joke detour.  Curiously enough, for all that it’s called the fastest two minutes in sports, only two horse have run the race under 2 minutes. And the record, 1.59 and 2/5 seconds was 45 years old today….  May 5, 1973.  Secretariat.   How many other speed records in ANYTHING are 45 years old?
All the attention paid to Tiger Woods enough though he’s nine shots off the pace and barely made the cut…..  After he retires will ESPN etc cover golf tournaments by showing Tiger’s greatest shots interspersed with live action?
Bumgarner’s out, Melancon’s out., Williamson’s out, Cueto’s out, Panik’s out, If the 2018 SF Giants lose few more players to injury they might be able to win this year’s World Series.
Happy Cinco De Mayo. A day when Trump supporters can get really drunk on margaritas and complain about immigrants.
Well, it was a child who said the Emperor had no clothes. Parkland survivor Cameron Kasky on Trump: “He’s a professional liar who will say anything to appease whatever crowd he’s at…”


McCain doesn’t want Trump at his funeral. Waiting for Trump to say “I like people who don’t get cancer.”

Apparently John McCain does not want Donald Trump at his funeral. Hope he is kind enough to make sure Melania gets invited. Barbara Bush’s funeral looked like best time @FLOTUS has had all year.

Trump says if he doesn’t get his wall “we may have to close up our country.” But not until Melania’s parents get citizenship.

Give Trump credit – at least he’s MSNLGA – Made SNL Great Again.

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3 Comments on “Gone in 124 seconds.”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    McCain doesn’t want Trump at his funeral. Waiting for Trump to say “I like people who don’t get cancer.”

    Trumpty Dumpty’s upcoming Tweet: “He is not invited to my funeral either. If anyone is gonna piss on my grave, it will be Russian Hookers!”

  2. Chad Picasner Says:

    Janice – great line about 3-year olds. Loved it. – Chad

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