This time sports is the best for last.

Seriously, read down. It’s a good cause. Happy weekend all.


Trump at NRA convention jokes about John Kerry’s breaking his leg in 2015 bicycling accident. Of course Cadet Bone Spurs would have won Tour de France if not for his disability.

Trump doesn’t have time to talk to Mueller, but he has time to fly to Dallas for an NRA convention.


Waiting for someone at NRA convention in Dallas to say “If only JFK had been armed.”

Mitt Romney says his favorite meat is “hot dog.” Just how out of touch is this man? He actually thinks hot dogs contain meat.

Carolina Panthers say defensive backs coach Curtis Fuller has left over complaints of workplace misconduct. Is he going to Washington to oversee the Redskins’ cheerleaders?

If Obama were recommending books by authors who were friends of his GOP would be screaming emoluments and calling for impeachment.

May 4 is anniversary of deaths of William Schroeder, Allison Krause, Jeffrey Miller & Sandra Lee Scheuer. Wonder if some of today’s young people protesting Trump policies were shot at a march, would some GOP voters say they deserved it? AS THEY DID in 1970 #KentStateMassacre

(Those students would have only been in their 60s now.  Who knows, they might have become apathetic non-voters. Or maybe Allison could have grown up to be our first women President?)

Big Island of Hawaii, already dealing with volcano eruption, now hit with 5.4 and 6.9 magnitude earthquakes. Waiting for @realDonaldTrump to say, sorry, but they better not expect any foreign aid.

Dodgers no-hit Padres in Mexico. Are we sure that under an assumed name Tim Lincecum wasn’t somehow involved?

Maybe the Dark Knight would considering trying to be a White Knight – or an Orange Knight for SF Giants pitching staff?   #MattHarvey


I would really hate for @BeckyHammon to leave @Spurs. But for a head-coaching job….. okay , I could figure out how to say “Go Bucks Go.”

On a rare serious note. Gregg Popovich is a class act.  And he would never even go onto social media for anything.  But he knew he married above him.   And this is a nice way to pay respects for a good cause. (Yes, I donated myself before posting this.)




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